Tualen is the clown character of the Balinese shadow play, who translates the ancient Javanese language of the main characters, so the audience can understand what they are saying.

Tualen is a film production company run by Darren Rapier, Artistic Director of Spanner in the Works. We are drawing on over 20 years experience with Spanner in the Works, running various film and theatre workshops, training sessions, lectures and productions to bring high quality films to the big screen.

'Tualen Pictures' now deals with our film and video productions and 'Tualen Press' with publications. While Spanner in the Works will continue running our educative film and video work, Tualen is now our professional production arm.

After completing her master’s in finance and working as an investment banker for 5 years in Paris, Morgane moved to London last year to start her career in the film industry, producing her first award-wining short-film, ‘Métèque’, that same year.

Morgane Ramet - Producer

Darren Rapier - Creative Director

Darren trained at Rose Bruford College and the BBC.   He has worked as a writer, director, producer and actor in film, television, theatre and radio.