Tualen Pictures

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Recent Productions:

Sealed with a Kiss

Drama - Period Short film.

Starring: Brian Bovell, Abigail Hardingham, Gillian Kearney and David Michaels


The Road to Weobley

Comedy-Drama - Feature Film

Mike decides to take a group of inner-city teenagers to a country village to play football, but soon discovers he has made a big mistake

The Turn of the Sun

Sci-Fi - Feature Film

Returning from a hostile Planet Major Bethan Son starts having visions of an alien race, who tell her she must take control of the ship by whatever means.


Drama - Short Film

When Mey strikes out against a would be thief she finds she is suddenly part of a 'terrorist incident' rather than a robbery gone wrong.

In association with Sci-Fi-London


Comedy Sci-Fi Feature with music

When an alien rock band crashes to Earth they have to find each other and organise a world record breaking concert, to get a rescue signal back home.

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